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Midwife-led Parentcraft sessions & NLP Birth Trauma Practitioner services

The Parent craft classes are run by experienced Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registered midwives an Accredited  Birth Trauma Practitioner and a United Kingdom Voluntary Registered Nutritionist (UKVRN) Associate registered nutritionist.  

We are here to help you prepare and  learn about your pregnancy, parenting a new born baby, nutrition in pregnancy, postnatal period, birth options for giving birth at home or hospital and becoming a parent. 

Whether you are looking for parent craft classes or relief from a previous difficult birth we have it covered here.


Parentcraft Classes

Our first class took place on the 31st January 2019 in Nottingham.  We say congratulations already to one of our ladies who has given birth successfully, since we started the classes.

Our classes include:

Preconceptual care - Individual or group session

Preparing yourself for pregnancy.  

Early Bird session - group or individual

Beginning of pregnancy - Have you just found out that you are pregnant and want to find out more? Congratulations!

One session - Wellbeing in pregnancy, how to care for yourself, what to expect at a clinic appointment,  exercise, diet, sex in pregnancy, Rhesus negative and Anti-D injections screening 

 fetal movements, managing morning sickness, options - if you have  had female genital cutting and much more

Connecting with your baby in pregnancy

Labour - Giving birth

Birth Options


Birth partner support during labour

Feeding your baby


Postnatal period

Recovering from your birth

Understanding  the needs of Newborn babies

Care of baby and Children 


Being safe around dogs - Dogs Trust

Cats litter


We look forward to seeing you there, so please contact us  if you would like to attend a group class or have an individual one to one session/s. 



Sometimes things do not work out as planned, according to Robert Burns.  Even 'the best laid plans go awry' 

We offer online or locally in Leicester or Nottingham a simple  'Three Step Rewind process' to unlock and ease feelings of distress, trauma, PTSD and phobia's.  This service is available to Mothers, Fathers, Birth Partner, or anyone who works in Maternity - Birth Workers, Health Professionals 

What is the 3 step rewind technique?

It is a non-invasive, non-intrusive, gentle, safe and highly effective method of de-traumatising a person and has quick results.  It is like a life coach leading you out of the trauma of life.

Session 1  Is the Initial contact, consultation, assessment, and discussion about the technique, you are then offered a chance to decline or talk about the trauma, Please note that this is your decision,.talking about your trauma is not necessary, the  Neuro Lingistic Programming (NLP) treatment will still work.

Session 2   You are guided through a process of relaxation and during this NLP technique, we guide you by talking to you and taking you step by step through a series of unlocking and or unhooking of the emotions attached to the memory that caused you distress and or trauma previously experienced by you.  The memory is still there but the emotional attachment to the memory is separated and therefore one is healed from the trauma of the event.

Session 3  Reviewing and assessing the effect of the  three Step rewind technique.

While using our services, we want you to be completely satisfied with the experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch!  We hope you continue  to benefit and enjoy our services.